SPG brings greater organization to your organization with material handling systems from Gillis-Jarke.

Today, more than ever, you need to maximize the value of every square inch of space in your facilities. To achieve this, you need material handling and storage solutions that are efficient, reliable, economical, durable, proven, and designed for maximum safety.

Gillis-Jarke, two of the most trusted brands in the business, offer you all of this and more. All brought to you by SPG, a world leader in material handling and storage solutions, engineering and innovation.

In warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and backrooms throughout North America, you will find Gillis-Jarke products driving greater productivity and profitability in key facets of our customers’ operations.

For more than half a century, businesses have turned to us for state-of-the-art storage and material handling solutions. Today, the same high level of quality, value, versatility, and unequaled service is available to you in the broadest product line on the market.

Within this catalog you will find the systems and solutions you’re looking for to maximize your storage space, protect your goods, manage inventory, enhance the flow of materials, increase accessibility, lower costs, and boost efficiency.

While all the products featured in this catalog are standard items, Gillis-Jarke brings to the market unsurpassed engineered product capabilities to transform difficult applications into custom storage and material handling solutions.

You can Expect More from SPG and our Gillis-Jarke line. More performance. More durability. More innovation. More quality. More economy. Everything you need to get more out of and into every square inch of your space. To order from this catalog and put Gillis-Jarke to work for you, contact your dealer today.

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