3-Compartment Sinks

A durable, affordable, sink solution for your business
  • Fully fabricated bowl with full metal thickness throughout provides greater durability and strength than a drawn sink
  • 9” high integrally formed backsplash, with 2” return to wall at 45°— a turn down at the wall snaps into provided clips to secure the sink to the wall
  • 2-1/2” high, 180° sanitary rolled rim at all free edges
  • Leg assemblies are located directly under sink bowls for greater load support
  • All are NSF listed and CSA certified
  • Legs are 1-5/8” diameter tubing with adjustable bullet feet
  • Where applicable, cross rails are 1 5/8” diameter— coped and fully welded for maximum durability
  • All corners, both horizontal and vertical, are coved at 5/8” radius, welded and polished to form a one-piece sanitary unit
  • All sinks are furnished with basket drains and 1-1/8 “ faucet holes punched in backsplash on 8” centers as required


VIEW SKUS: Universal Stainless 3 Comp Sink 16GA

3N1618, 3N1620, 3N18, 3N1824, 3N2020, 3N2028, 3N24, 3N2430,3N1618-LD, 3N1620-LD, 3N18-LD, 3N1824-LD, 3N2020-LD, 3N2028-LD, 3N24-LD, 3N2430-LD, 3N1618-RD, 3N1620-RD, 3N18-RD, 3N1824-RD, 3N2020-RD, 3N2028-RD, 3N24-RD, 3N2430-RD, P14NY, P34NY, P36NY, P54NY, P62NY, P74NY, P86NY, P14E, P34E, P62NE, P74NE, P86NE, P34NC, P54NC, P62NC, P74NC, P86NC

VIEW SKUS: Universal Stainless 3 Comp Sink 14GA

3SL1618, 3SL1620, 3SL18, 3SL1824, 3SL2020, 3SL2028, 3SL24, 3SL2430, 3SL1618-LD, 3SL1620-LD, 3SL18-LD, 3SL1824-LD, 3SL2020-LD, 3SL2028-LD, 3SL24-LD, 3SL2430-LD, 3SL1618-RD, 3SL1620-RD, 3SL18-RD, 3SL1824-RD, 3SL2020-RD, 3SL2028-RD, 3SL24-RD, 3SL2430-RD,3SL1618-2D, 3SL1620-2D, 3SL18-2D, 3SL1824-2D, 3SL2020-2D, 3SL2028-2D, 3SL24-2D, 3SL2430-2D

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