Clean Dish Table

A durable, affordable, table solution for your business
  • H-frame leg assembles with adjustable bullet feet— shipped loose for easy field installation
  • Dish tables are 30″ wide and have stainless H-Frames legs and adjustable bullet feet
  • 5/8″ radius on all corners for ease of cleaning
  • Sanitary 180-degree rolled edges at free sides
  • Stainless Steel under bracing locations provides solid top and minimal deflection
  • Dish table opening can be tailored to match dish machine specs (specify when ordering)
  • Dish tables in “L” shape and corner configurations are available upon request (Please contact factory)


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CDT-2-L, CDT-30-L, CDT-3-L, CDT-4-L, CDT-5-L, CDT-6-L, CDT-7-L, CDT-2-R, CDT-30-R, CDT-3-R, CDT-4-R, CDT-5-R, CDT-6-R, CDT-7-R, CDT-SL-2-L, CDT-SL-30-L, CDT-SL-3-L, CDT-SL-4-L, CDT-SL-5-L, CDT-SL-6-L, CDT-SL-7-L, CDT-SL-2-R, CDT-SL-30-R, CDT-SL-3-R, CDT-SL-4-R, CDT-SL-5-R, CDT-SL-6-R, CDT-SL-7-R

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