Mod-A-Flex Shelving

A durable, affordable, wallsystem solution for your business
  • Designed for walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Ceiling mounted — no need to reinforce side walls
  • Boosts capacity by up to 30% with the freedom to adjust shelves to the height of the product being stored
  • No posts on the floor make cleaning easy
  • Shelves can be removed without tools for cleaning
  • Easy and fast adjustment of shelves; simply slide the shelf sideways to lift out of current location
  • Antimicrobial grey epoxy coating for maximum cleanliness and moisture resistance


SKUS: Mod-A-Flex Shelves

Aluminum: MXSV1824A, MXSV1830A, MXSV1836A, MXSV1842A, MXSV1848A, MXSV1860A, MXSV2424A, MXSV2430A, MXSV2436A, MXSV2442A, MXSV2448A, MXSV2460A
Standard: MX1224GR, MX1230GR, MX1236GR, MX1242GR, MX1248GR, MX1260GR, MX1824GR, MX1830GR, MX1836GR, MX1842GR, MX1848GR, MX1860GR, MX2424GR, MX2430GR, MX2436GR, MX2442GR, MX2448GR, MX2460GR
Mod-A-Flex Posts: MX36GR, MX40GR, MX61GR, MX72GR, MX81GR, MX99GR
Mod-A-Flex Wall Uprights: MXD18GR, MXD36GR, MXD72GR, MXD85GR
Mod-A-Flex Upright Extenders: MXEXT26GR, MXEXT36GR

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