Stainless Hand Sinks

A durable, affordable, sink solution for your business
  • Choose from Standard Series (18-ga. deep fully fabricated bowl) or Spec Series (16-ga. 300 Series stainless steel, fully fabricated)
  • 12” x 10” x 6” (305 x 254 x 152) bowl size
  • 7” high integrally formed backsplash
  • Inverted ‘’V’’ non-drip edge on three sides
  • Includes faucets, basket drains, and wall brackets


VIEW SKUS: Universal Stainless 1 Comp Sink 16GA

1N1618, 1N1620, 1N18, 1N1824, 1N2020, 1N2028, 1N24, 1N2430, 1N1618-LD, 1N1620-LD, 1N18-LD, 1N1824-LD, 1N2020-LD, 1N2028-LD, 1N24-LD, 1N2430-LD, 1N1618-RD, 1N1620-RD, 1N18-RD, 1N1824-RD, 1N2020-RD, 1N2028-RD, 1N24-RD, 1N2430-RD, 1N1618-2D, 1N1620-2D, 1N18-2D, 1N1824-2D, 1N2020-2D, 1N2028-2D, 1N24-2D, 1N2430-2D

VIEW SKUS: Universal Stainless 1 Comp Sink 14GA

1SL1618, 1SL1620, 1SL18, 1SL1824, 1SL2020, 1SL2028, 1SL24, 1SL2430, 1SL1618-LD, 1SL1620-LD, 1SL18-LD, 1SL1824-LD, 1SL2020-LD, 1SL2028-LD, 1SL24-LD, 1SL2430-LD, 1SL1618-RD, 1SL1620-RD, 1SL18-RD, 1SL1824-RD, 1SL2020-RD, 1SL2028-RD, 1SL24-RD, 1SL2430-RD, 1SL1618-2D, 1SL1620-2D, 1SL18-2D, 1SL1824-2D, 1SL2020-2D, 1SL2028-2D, 1SL24-2D, 1SL2430-2D

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