Ergo Adjustable Table

A durable, affordable, table solution for your business
  • Provides a customized fit for each employee, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution ill-adapted to both the employees and the tasks at hand
  • Puts less stress on employees’ musculoskeletal, nervous and neurovascular systems
  • Reduces injury and fatigue that lead to missed days, extended recovery times and employee turnover due to job-related injury and stress
  • Cuts the number and dollar value of Worker’s Compensation claims


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4SLCA6-30, 5SLCA6-30, 6SLCA6-30, 4SLCA12-30, 5SLCA12-30, 6SLCA12-30, 4SLSA6-30, 5SLSA6-30, 6SLSA6-30, 4SLSA12-30, 5SLSA12-30, 6SLSA12-30, 4SLCBA6-30, 5SLCBA6-30, 6SLCBA6-30, 4SLCBA12-30, 5SLCBA12-30, 6SLCBA12-30, 4SLSBA6-30, 5SLSBA6-30, 6SLSBA6-30, 4SLSBA12-30, 5SLSBA12-30, 6SLSBA12-30, 4-SL-SLCA6-30, 5-SL-SLCA6-30, 6-SL-SLCA6-30, 4-SL-SLCA12-30, 5-SL-SLCA12-30, 6-SL-SLCA12-30, 4-SL-SLSA6-30, 5-SL-SLSA6-30, 6-SL-SLSA6-30, 4-SL-SLSA12-30, 5-SL-SLSA12-30, 6-SL-SLSA12-30, 4-SL-SLCBA6-30, 5-SL-SLCBA6-30, 6-SL-SLCBA6-30, 4-SL-SLCBA12-30, 5-SL-SLCBA12-30, 6-SL-SLCBA12-30, 4-SL-SLSBA6-30, 5-SL-SLSBA6-30, 6-SL-SLSBA6-30, 4-SL-SLSBA12-30,
5-SL-SLSBA12-30, 6-SL-SLSBA12-30,

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